Vinted for those who enjoy the finer things in life, these beautiful wines are lauded for their versatility, depth, and gracefulness

About Santa Marina

Wonderfully vinted wines from a family owned winery.

Santa Marina wines are the truest expression of quality and passion born from longstanding techniques and traditions hailing from some of the most renowned regions in Italy: Delle Venezie, Tuscany, Provincia di Pavia, and the Prosecco DOC.

The Winemaker

Walter Zuccotto was born in 1976 on Lake Garda, a small town known for wine-making. He became interested in wine and wine-making and then went on to study Enology in Valpolicella. Prior to joining Enoitalia, Walter honed his skills while working at wineries in Valpolicella. He is now the head winemaker and responsible for purchasing the wine at Enoitalia.


Santa Marina is vinted at a privately held winery owned by the Pizzolo’s. The Pizzolo family has been involved in Italian agriculture since 1975 when Giovanni Alberto Pizzolo decided to invest the money he’d saved while working as a farmer to buy his first piece of land. He started out growing crops in Zimella, a little village in the countryside between the towns of Verona and Vicenza. After his death, Giovanni’s business was succeeded by his four sons: Giuliano, Augusto, Floriano, and Giorgio. A few years later, in 1986, the Pizzolo family acquired a winery located in Calmasino di Bardolino and started Enoitalia. Thus began a new exciting adventure for the Pizzolo family. Enoitalia has since become one of the most respected cellars in Italy, revered for its quality, and its ability to play the role of a creative protagonist in the international panorama of wine.